When Considering a CPR Class

We understand that when it comes to getting CPR certified, there are many options available to you. In many cases, the local fire department or hospital offers CPR and First Aid courses. Did you know, there are companies that offer CPR, First Aid, and other professional safety courses?

We have put together a checklist of things that should be taken into consideration before you decide which CPR company is the best fit for you and your organization, even if it isn’t with us.

1. Why are you interested in taking a CPR class?

If you are taking the class to meet the requirements of a job or industry certification, please check to see what requirements they have. Your organization may require that the CPR certification meets a certain level of training from a specific governing body.

At Show Me CPR and Personal Safety, our training curriculum is certified and nationally recognized through American CPR, American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), National Safety Council (NSC), and the Red Cross. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with industry trends and complete regularly scheduled continuing education to keep our information as current as possible.

2. Will you receive a certification card with your class?

Depending on the reason you are taking the class, you may need a certification card that validates you have successfully completed a certified course.

All of our courses are nationally certified and each student will receive a certification card valid for 2 years. We keep student information on file in our private database in the instance that your certification card is lost, ripped, or damaged and you need a replacement card. We will issue a replacement card free of charge for all of our currently certified students.

3. In addition to your course certification card, do you need continuing education credits?

Some professions within the State of Missouri require a certain number of continuing education credits each year to maintain professional certifications.

The courses at Show Me CPR & Personal Safety are registered with the Missouri Workshop Calendar for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals and are recognized as continuing education credits through Open Initiative. We have also been approved to provide continuing education credits for Missouri Pipe Fitters Union.

4. When and where are the classes held?

Owner, Emily Garcia, is a busy mom of 3, works full-time, and runs a successful business. She knows all about juggling between scheduling appointments and kid’s sports activities. When you are looking to schedule a CPR class, you want to find a company that offers flexible scheduling options and locations.

Our courses are held at your location, where we bring all of the materials needed to complete the course, or at our Sullivan, MO location. We schedule courses around our availability and yours – 24/7. We have been known to teach CPR at 2am to accommodate night shift employees.

5. What support is offered before, during, and after the class?

Show Me CPR & Personal Safety takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service before during, and after your training session. For example, AHA requires that students have access to course workbooks before, during, and after the class date. We strive to stay current on industry trends like this so that we can offer the best course delivery possible

Depending on your learning style, reading the manual prior to class might make for a better learning experience. Additionally, questions that are asked during the class are noted and the answers are addressed not only during that class, but also on social media and blogs so that everyone can benefit from the discussion.

After the training session, we will help you stay up to date on information and trends to keep your confidence level as high as possible, by being accessible via phone call, text, email, social media, etc. to answer any questions that may come up later. You are not just CPR students, you are a part of the Show Me CPR family.

Oh…we almost forgot! Who loves goodies?!? Take a look at this video from Emily showing all of the amazing handouts and goodies that each student in our classes receive!