Choosing Health

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with being overweight. A never-ending cycle of yo-yo diets and ever-changing weight. I wasn’t focused on what my body really needed because I didn’t understand what my body needed.

In between the episodes of yo-yo dieting, I often found myself sitting in line waiting to pick up dinner from a fast food restaurant. After my divorce, fast food was much more common in my life. I was a busy single mom; I didn’t have time for home cooked meals.

Underneath the busy, there was something else holding me back as well. My self-esteem had faltered, and I didn’t think I was worthy of being healthy nor did I think I was strong enough to make the long-term commitment needed to change me life.

But I wanted to be a role model for my kids.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you have a story that sounds similar? 

Taking Control of My Health

I finally reached a breaking point with my health. I began having health issues. That was the final nudge I needed to start taking my health seriously by overcoming my own fear and feelings. So I started to take it one day at a time, making little positive changes along the way.

I started walking on my TreadClimber for 20 to 30 minutes a day, and I made sure to get my kids outside and active, too. I began cooking healthier meals for my family, incorporating superfoods to better fuel our bodies and to make our favorite meals and recipes healthier.

Breaking Free

I’ve always dreamed of being an athlete, and I enjoy working out. But I had a limiting belief that I could never run fast or run far. I’ve always been overweight, and I’ve always been too scared to try and to fail.

As I made these changes in our diet and our activity level as a family, I began to test the limits of this belief that I couldn’t be an athlete. I challenged my restrictive mindset, and I broke out of my comfort zone.

I am strong. I started at 232 pounds, and emily before and afterI am down by 61 pounds, and I competed in the 2017 Crossfit Open from February to March, completing my first handstand push-up.

And I can run far and fast. Just last month, I broke my own personal record. I completed a four-mile run in this year’s Race to the Rocker ahead of my own personal best time, and I ran the entire race with the pace group instead of at the back as I had ran years previously.

Crossing that finish line was a reminder that my beliefs about myself were wrong; I had been holding myself back. I just needed to try, to push myself to new heights and goals. I did it, and I want to help you succeed at your health, fitness, and life goals too.

New Roads to Travel

emily and family marathon

Just as Show Me CPR and Personal Safety was inspired by my life and experiences, so is my arrival in the health industry. Considering my own tough but enlightening journey to health and wellness, it’s a natural fit to combine preventive health with emergency health and safety through Show Me CPR and Personal Safety. Preventive health measures and CPR, First Aid, and personal safety all go together and relate to one another. Personal safety, CPR, first aid—each of these begins with taking care of yourself.

And it has all come together because I took control—of my life, personal health, fitness, mental well-being, career, and business. And now I’m challenging you to do the same.

I’ve partnered with Isagenix because these science-backed, highly nutritional products can be easily integrated into busy lifestyles. Isagenix has transformed my life, not only fueling my body with high-quality ingredients but also through improving my health, energy, and performance. My stomach issues and other health concerns are all in my past. I’m proud to say I’ve never felt better, stronger or more confident in my life. Now I enjoy running outdoors, or working out in my own CrossFit gym I’ve developed in my garage.

Turning Over a New Leaf

If you have kids, there is no better way to introduce them to healthy habits than to involve them in the planting and growing your very own Emily gardeninggarden. My children and I are very excited because this summer we will plant our own garden.

What better way to get your children to eat better when they have chance to eat the vegetables they’ve chosen from the nursery as small plants or as seeds in the little paper packets? Teaching them how to plant, water, care for, and grow their own carrots, tomatoes, and string beans will give them a sense of pride in eating what they’ve created.

Besides all the delicious, fresh vegetables we’ll grow, it’s also an easy and enjoyable way to spend time together in the sunshine and fresh air while getting some exercise. I know we will feel a sense of great accomplishment once we begin to see the little seeds sprout and grow. I also plan to give myself extra credit for giving them a science project for the summer. I promise to keep you updated on our budding crops.

You Have a Friend

Up until now, I’ve been on this quest to improve my health and well-being alone. But now I’d like to invite you to join me as I chronicle my progress, setbacks (yes, we are human, and they will happen), new finds, and sources of inspiration to dig deep within on the challenging days.

Life is short, so let’s live it to the fullest by making sustainable changes now.

My Pledge and Your Challenge

Your long-term health and wellness isn’t a sprint or a quick fix, it takes perseverance. Here are a few of the sustainable changes I pledge to implement and follow:

  • Fill my life with inspiration and reminders that I can do more than I believe is possibleemily running
  • Plan a fitness schedule that’s realistic to my lifestyle and schedule
  • Include my family in my efforts to add healthy fuel to my body and be active
  • Push my boundaries
  • Remind myself that I am worth the effort

It’s appealing to try to change everything all at once. But you don’t have to do everything at the same time, or make extreme changes. Start small. Pick one thing you can do differently, and then do that for a while. Then, when it’s become a habit, add something else.

Some days I need to look back to realize at how far I’ve really come. I want to be healthier and active for my family and myself. I want to be stronger so I can be my very best when I’m older. I want to help others find good health, strength, and confidence too.

I have discovered a healthy lifestyle that works for me, is fun and rewarding, and I want to share it with you and help you find your best self and fully live your best life.

I hope you will join me on this journey. Please reach out if you need encouragement or you’d like to tell me about the first change you’ve chosen to make. I will be so happy to hear from you.

Emily Garcia

Your Show Me CPR and Personal Safety Trainer