cpr recertificationIt’s Time to Recert

Did you receive your CPR certification about two years ago? If so, then it’s time to recert. CPR and First Aid certifications are only good for two years. But don’t worry, we have recert events often. Take a look at our Facebook events schedule to see if there is a time and date that will work for you. 

CPR Certification for Work

Are you certified because your job requires it? Not a problem. Check with your employer to make sure you know what kind of certificate they require. For most employees who work in the healthcare industry, a BLS for Healthcare Providers or CPR PRO level certification is sufficient.

Other employees, such as lifeguards, personal trainers, office personnel, construction workers, or community group leaders only need the basic CPR, AED, and First Aid courses to meet employer requirements.

If you work as a childcare provider or teacher, our classes count toward your yearly requirement of continuing education credits through the Missouri Workshop Calendar (those who have an MOPD ID, this is for you). Plan your recertification from year to year, counting the credits toward your total hours needed.

Our classes range in size from one-on-one to 60 people per session. So, put together a group of coworkers and make it a fun event. We can center the class around whatever theme would be most appealing to you and your coworkers. We can make it Monday Brunch or Ice Cream Sunday or any theme you’d like to make the whole experience enjoyable. Or set up a one-on-one class to get your certification or recertification completed at your convenience.

Learn important safety information without stepping foot into a stuffy classroom.

What if you’ve never been certified?

We have plenty of events scheduled throughout the area that you can attend for your first-time certification. You should find at least one that will work for your schedule. If you don’t, though, then no problem. We offer accessible and convenient training either at our facility outside of Sullivan or at your facility.

If you’re not nearby, that’s okay too. We can come to you. If you are more than a hop, skip, and a jump from Sullivan, then we may ask that you make sure there are a certain number of participants enrolled in the class.

If you’d like to make the class a group event, then that’s perfectly fine. Start asking your business friends, family, community groups, foster parents, boy scout troop, girl scout troop, etc. Ask everyone! Because everyone can benefit from learning lifesaving techniques.

Recertification and Certification Costs

Our classes range in cost from $47 to $67 depending on which class you’ll be taking, how large your group is, and how far we will travel to bring the class to you. You can lower costs by gathering a group together for recert (or first-time certification). Give us a call to discuss the prices.

If you’re getting certified or recertified or certified for work, make sure you ask your employer if you’ll be reimbursed for the cost or if they will cover it upfront.

Class Length

Chances are that taking a CPR class on a Saturday isn’t your idea of thrilling. We get it. We know you want to get in, get it done, and get out as quickly as possible.

All of our classes last 3 to 6 hours, depending on which training we’re providing. But don’t worry—our instructor, Emily, brings chocolate and humor. She promises the class will be enjoyable, and you’ll learn a lot.

Types of Certification

There are several organizations that release CPR, AED, and First Aid training curriculum and certifications. Our classes are certified and nationally recognized through the American Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute, and National Safety Council.

The certificates are 2-year certificates, and you will receive your certification card at the end of the training. If you lose your card before your certificate expires, don’t worry—just call Emily and she will get a replacement to you ASAP.

We do offer additional personal safety courses and certificates. Take your training a step further.

Instructor Certifications

Ready to teach others about safety? We offer Instructor Development courses as well. You can become an instructor of basic level CPR and First Aid if you are 16 years of age or older. And you can become a BLS for Healthcare Provider instructor if you are 18 years or older.

Whether you were previously certified or you’d like to obtain a new certification, the American Heart Association requires that you:

  • You’re not a felon
  • You are currently certified in the class you’d like to teach
  • Your instructor certification was not revoked
  • And there were no previous issues when you were an instructor

We want you to become a successful instructor, as does the American Heart Association. To continue to build your knowledge and skills as an instructor, there is an Instructor Development Course as well as mentoring and additional training. To maintain your instructor status, you pay a yearly recertification fee and complete the continuing education requirement. You must also teach a minimum of 2 classes per year.

Our classes range in size from 1 to 60 attendees. If you would like to complete your instructor certification, give us a call.

It’s a Lifesaverwoman choking

We always hope that our students never need to use anything we teach them. If they don’t, then that means that they haven’t been involved in an emergency situation, which is always a good thing to avoid.

For those who have had to use the knowledge and skills they’ve learned in our classes, they were so glad they had taken the time to receive their certification and were prepared.

Here’s what Jenni had to say about the knowledge and skills she gained from one of our classes:

I served a taste test and an elderly lady started coughing and choking, who then left to go to the restroom. I had taken CPR training before, but one thing I learned from your training was that if someone is choking and leaves the room, you should follow them. I met up with the woman in the restroom, who was still struggling and became unable to cough or breathe. I told her I was going to do the Heimlich, and did. It only took two pumps to expel the food that was choking her. I saved her life!
And so did you, by providing that training!

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