CPR, AED, First Aid – Traditional Classroom Course

This CPR, AED, & First Aid course is offered as part of our health education series. Our classes are nationally certified through the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and the American Safety and Health Institute.

This course is perfect for those who enjoy the traditional classroom environment – instructor-led discussion, class participation, and group hands-on practice!

We offer one-on-one classes, small group classes, and large classes for your organization at our location in Sullivan, MO or we can come to you!

Why do we love this course?

  • We are able to connect with our students and offer a customized class based on their individual needs
  • We are changing the perception of a traditional classroom – we offer a relaxed environment where students leave feeling comfortable and confident
  • Our classes are hands-on and offer real-world scenarios to practice
  • The class is affordable, accessible, and convenient

What is included?

  • Instructor-led and student discussion on CPR, AED, and First Aid topics
  • Hands-on practice with a CPR manikin that provides instant feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions
  • Nationally recognized certification card, valid for 2 years (from American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or the American Safety and Health Institute)
  • An 11 page full-color CPR, AED, and First Aid handout
  • A CPR magnet outlining the steps of CPR for children and infants
  • A CPR pocket facemask
  • Access to an instructor before, during, and after your course

How much is the course?

  • American Heart Association – $77
  • American Red Cross – $77
  • American Safety and Health Institute – $47

How do I register?