Child and Babysitting Safety Course

We have launched a certified Child and Babysitting Safety course as part of our community safety programs!

This course is perfect for our kiddos that are looking to provide babysitting and child care services!

Sophia, 8 years old, has started this class and is already loving it!

Why do we love this course?

The course teaches topics like:

  • What is a babysitter?
  • How to prepare to become a babysitter?
  • Encourages the entrepreneurial spirit with babysitting business basics
  • Staying safe while babysitting
  • Taking Care of Kids (basic needs, hand-washing, food preparation, playtime, managing challenging behavior, and more!)
  • When Things Go Wrong (recognizing a problem, taking action, and getting help)

What is included?

  • A 4 hour in-person course, led by a certified Child and Babysitting Safety Instructor
  • Certificate of completion and nationally recognized certification card
  • A hardcopy of the student manual

How much is the course?

Our course price is only $37!!

How can I register my kiddo?

Don’t take our word for it.

Listen to what Sophia has to say about the class!