Emily Garcia

Getting to Know Emily

Emily Lewis began a career in public safety right out of high school. Coming from a law enforcement family, working for a police department was a natural fit. In her career of more than 15 years, she worked her way through the ranks from Public Safety 9-1-1 Operator up to Training Administrator. She is a Peace Officer Standards and Training General Instructor and has trained employees of over 25 public safety agencies around the United States, including the New York Police Department and Boston EMS. Emily holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master’s of Science in Administration of Justice Studies. She also has experience working in the field as an EMT and has been teaching CPR, First Aid, and Personal Safety for over ten years.

Originally from Arizona, Emily started her own business in 2006. She had moved from a heavily-populated area to a rural area with emergency response times from 18 to 22 minutes. During her time as a 9-1-1 Operator, she took many calls where a loved one was found not breathing and the caller needed her to assist with explaining each step of CPR. She also responded as an EMT to similar calls. These experiences opened her eyes to the need for more people to be CPR certified. In her new rural area, she had no doubt that her community needed to know CPR since the emergency response times were so long. So, she became certified as an instructor and purchased a CPR practice mannequin and began teaching her neighbors CPR one at a time. Word spread and soon she found herself being contacted to teach groups.

Emily teaches more than CPR and personal safety; she focuses on teaching emotional survivability as well. She explains the common range of feelings during and after a life event, the physiological response the body triggers, and our reactions.

Named after a hurricane, Emily has three little hurricanes of her own. She loves singing and dancing, and feels fortunate she gets to do what she loves and work from home. The business is more than her livelihood. She knows that by helping others prepare for the worst, she is helping families keep loved ones alive.

To keep the classes enjoyable, Emily and her team always bring lifesavers! Many of their classes are taught at the end of most people’s work days, and Emily understands that many people would rather be at home than at a CPR class.

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Emily and her team look forward to hearing from you!